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Ca'Vechhia Arborio Rice 500g

Ca'Vechhia Arborio Rice 500g

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JAR / TIN The new and innovative packaging responds to an aesthetic and "eco-friendly" request: the jar is infinitely recyclable and the rice is preserved without contamination and oxygen for the maximum possible conservation. Ideal for valuable gifts. The new and innovative packaging is an elegant “ecofriendly” product: the can permits endless recycling and allows an almost unlimited shelf life without any contamination. Ideal for gifts.

PROTECTIVE ATMOSPHERE / PROTECTIVE ATMOSPHERE   Unlike vacuum only, which inhibits the action of aerobic microorganisms, the protective atmosphere also acts on anaerobic microorganisms and on the microflora typical of rice, guaranteeing the consumer a product with excellent organoleptic and sanitary characteristics. The protective atmosphere is a new concept: it can eliminate humidity and inhibit bacterial development, going beyond the standard vacuum-system.

net weight /  net weight    500 g / 17.64 oz

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