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Ceriello Mushroom Sauce

Ceriello Mushroom Sauce

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We have been making these sauces in our store kitchen for over 20 years--hand-stirred and hand-filled in heat-sealed jars.  We use only Italian-grown San-Marzano Style tomatoes, fresh produce and top-quality spices.

We combine slightly chunky tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, herbs and the flavor of red wine in this slowly simmered sauce. The delicate mushroom flavor of this sauce makes it great on any cut of pasta and an excellent sauce for your roasted or grilled meat or fowl.

Our kitchen is NY State inspected and USDA inspected. Sealed jars are shelf-stable for 2 years and good in the refrigerator, after opening, for about a week. A 15oz jar is good for about one pound of pasta (3-4 people). A 30oz jar for about two pounds (7-8 people).

Vegetarian. No sugar, wheat, or nut products added, though we are not an allergen-free environment.

Size: 15 oz

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