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Spascriptions Marine Moisture Sea Whip Water Cream

Spascriptions Marine Moisture Sea Whip Water Cream

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Our Spascriptions Marine Moisture collection features efficacious actives, marine-sourced naturals and plant-based hydrators to nourish for dewy, quenched skin! Include in your daily regimen to boost hydration for sea-to-skin health!

BENEFIT: Hydrate - Soften - Nourish


Ceramides help skin retain moisture, restore a healthy barrier, protect against environmental stressors and smooth skin.

Sea Whip intensely soothes, hydrates and calms skin.

Aloe helps moisturize, soothe, refresh and restore skin suppleness.

Size 1.7 oz

Paraben Free,Mineral Oil Free, 0% Alcohol, Not Tested on Animals 

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