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Youth Reset Illuminate + Cool Eye Balm

Youth Reset Illuminate + Cool Eye Balm

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Our Spascriptions treatments for targeted eye, lip and neck care contain high-quality, efficacious and pampering ingredients that deliver a daily spa indulgence while supporting aging skin. Include in your daily regimen to maintain skin health with a youthful glow! 

BENEFIT: Awaken + Brighten Dark Circles


Niacinamide retains skin's natural moisture to help smooth and improve the appearance of skin's elasticity.

Vitamin C, essential to support Collagen, is a powerful antioxidant for a bright, firm and youthful glow.

Rosewater naturally hydrates and soothes skin for a refreshed look and feel.

Size .35 oz

Paraben Free,Mineral Oil Free, 0% Alcohol, Not Tested on Animals 

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