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Perugina Chocolate Bars

Perugina Chocolate Bars

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Welcome to the world of a unique and authentic taste since 1907. Perugina® masters the art of chocolate making for over one century. From the acute research of ingredients to the production of the chocolate, each step is handled with the utmost excellence. In true Perugina® style, love and creativity the two main ingredients, are encapsulated in every single product.

MILK CHOCOLATE This rich, creamy chocolate is a masterpiece to be enjoyed piece by piece or used to make one of the delicious recipes from Fine milk chocolate which is the perfect treat

HAZELNUT A creamy and crunchy experience from the Italian masters of chocolate. The carefully selected hazelnuts roasted to perfection meet the intense fragrances on a palate of pure pleasure. Indulge in the chocolate which awakens all 5 senses.

BITTERSWEET CHOCOLATE 70% The melt-in-mouth textured dark chocolate with 70% cacao has an intense taste with hidden fruity notes - an unexpected sensorial experience.

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