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Ponti Chianti DOCG Red Wine Vinegar 16.9oz

Ponti Chianti DOCG Red Wine Vinegar 16.9oz

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Wine Vinegar, from Chianti DOCG

Gluten free. Vegan. Since 1867. Ponti No.1 in Italy (certified market data). Acidity 7%. Ponti Family: Repository of a traditional knowledge handed down since 1867, produces this precious wine vinegar from Chianti DOCG wine. The meticulous process of slow acetification used, followed by a long period of maturation in larch and Slavonian oak barrels, makes this outstanding vinegar. This Ponti Wine Vinegar from Chianti DOCG has deep brilliant red color, an intense and balanced vinegar bouquet, with hints of red fruits (strawberry, cherry wild black cherry), and a full, round, persistent flavor with plenty of character. Ideal for mixed salads, roasted meat, poultry, cooked vegetables, marinades, sauced, strawberry and fruits salad. Enhance the flavor of your gourmet recipes with Ponti Wine Vinegar from Chianti DOCG. Dispose of properly. Made in Italy.

Size 16.9 oz

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